Even the littlest ones in the house know the importance of a hvac system that works.

Mitsubishi ductless cooling and heating systems: affordable air conditioning — and heating — in all spaces, for all homes.

A ductless cooling system from Preferred Air give you the most advanced technology that allows you to enjoy more precise comfort in one or multiple rooms while saving on energy bills—and contributing to a greener planet.

One great benefit of these ductless systems is that there is no reason why your home can’t have efficient, quiet air conditioning anymore. A ductless system is far less expensive than the installation of a central cooling system. Yet temperature levels can be just as precise, and operating costs are low.

Also, ductless systems can be applied to just one room — or several rooms and spaces. For example: you may wish to air condition only certain bedrooms. Or, you may want to add heating and air conditioning to an attic room, basement, sunroom or garage. Whole-home ductless solutions are also available, and each room can be turned on or off or adjusted throughout the day to the level of comfort you need.

Wondering about adding ductless A/C and heating to your home? We’ll have one of our consultants meet with you at your home to survey your living space and discuss the pros and cons of ductless air. Trust Preferred Air to help you select and to install the right system for your home.

Preferred Air Inc. is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. All of our technicians are professionally trained at the Mitsubishi factory on service and installation of their products.

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A word about our staff: By choosing Preferred Air, you are choosing the people you want in your home to install and service your comfort system. Our hiring policies are strict. The trustworthy people we employ are rare and expensive. Our technicians are as focused on their professional capabilities as they are on their moral convictions.