Preferred Air skilled technicians

The Massachusetts contractor’s license: why it matters:

Whomever you choose to service your home should be a qualified, trustworthy individual. We believe any tradesman who comes into your home should be fully licensed. Why does it matter?

Insurance and Liability

If a contractor is unlicensed, it’s likely that he or she isn’t insured either. How will he pay you for any accidental damage? If you’re thinking homeowners insurance will protect you, think again. Most coverage plans only cover work done by licensed contractors. Plus, if the contractor gets injured on your property, you could be at fault!

Building Code Compliance

If the project is not built to code, or a permit is not pulled, the work may have to be removed or re-done properly. This is a costly inconvenience, and is easily avoidable by following the proper steps. A licensed contractor follows the rules.

Testing and Certification

There’s a reason licensed contractors are required to learn the trade and pass the tests. Allowing an unqualified, inexperienced contractor to do any type of work on your home is a major risk. Contractors lacking qualifications may also deliver very low quality work. Verify your contractor’s license number here.

Criminal Backgrounds and Scams

Unlicensed contractors may have criminal backgrounds, which include fraud and theft. What happens if you place a deposit to a contractor who never comes back to do the service? Save yourself the worry and hire someone you know you can trust.

Ten things to consider when choosing a contractor:

  • Check their credentials.
  • Did they size your system properly?
  • Ask for references.
  • Did they perform an on-site evaluation of your home?
  • Check local license.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Get it in writing.
  • Ask about equipment and labor warranties.
  • Ask about preventative maintenance and service contracts.
  • Insist on a written contract.

If you are not happy or confident with your system installed by another contractor, call today for your FREE Professional System Evaluation!

What equipment is the contractor suggesting?

Preferred Air has strong relationships with only the best HVAC manufacturers. See American Standard Awards here.

Four Factors That Determine The Proper Comfort System For Your Home:

    1. Technical Requirements (Can’t change)
      How many square feet of living space does your home provide? What style is the layout or the floorpan? One, two, or three story? How does the construction determine the type of heating and/or air conditioning required?
      Is it designed for hot water heating, steam, or forced air? The size or configuration of your home will effect the size of your system.
    2. Code Requirements (Can’t change)
      What are the building and safety requirements of your town, city, or state? Strict safety and code requirements could significantly effect the cost of installation.
    3. Environmental Choices (Your choice)
      There are products available today that did not exist just ten years ago, designed to enhance the comfort your system provides. They are designed for the purity and freshness of the air you breathe and the convenience of your system’s operation and maintenance. Obviously, the more accessories you add, the more expensive your complete system will be.
    4. Expertise in installation/Service (Your choice)
      Our technicians are as focused on their professional capabilities as they are on their moral convictions. They are factory-trained, certified and fully experienced.