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Prices: Preferred Maintenance Contracts

Heating & Cooling System – Includes both a Spring & Fall tune up plus a 10% discount on service work.

  • Gas Furnace & Cooling $270.00 per system / per year
  • Gas Boiler & Cooling $300.00 per system / per year
  • Condensing Gas Boiler & Cooling $370 per system / per year

Heating System Only – Includes a Fall tune up plus a 10% discount on service work.

  • Gas Furnace $145.00 per system / per year
  • Gas Boiler $175.00 per system / per year
  • Condensing Gas Boiler $245.00 per system / per year

Cooling System Only – Includes a Spring tune up plus a 10% discount on service work.

  • Cooling $145.00 per system / per year
  • For each additional ductless air handler please add $50.00

Heat Pump or Ductless Heat Pump System – Includes both a Spring & Fall tune up plus a 10% discount on service work.

  • Heat Pump $270.00 per system / per year
  • For each additional ductless air handler please add $50.00

For Accessories:

Air Filters: Changed once per year

  • #201, #401, and sizes 5”, 4” and 2” $50.00 each
  • Other High Efficient filters (#213, #413) $75.00 each
  • Lennox filters are priced upon request


  • All Humidifier maintenence $50.00 each
  • Steam (cylinder changed once per year) is priced upon receipt
  • Water filter #AP717 or #4190-02 (changed once per year) $45.00 each
  • Central Dehumidifier (maintained once per year) $75.00 each
  • ERV (maintained twice per year) $100.00 each
  • UV Bulb (changed when needed) is priced upon request
  • Belts (changed once per year) $25.00 each

Our Reasonable Restrictions:

  • Our service contracts do not cover pre-existing conditions, obsolete parts, or any parts or labor required to repair equpiment damaged by flooding, freezing, fire, customer negligence, vandalism, or acts of nature.
  • Preferred Air Inc. will not be responsible for any direct, consequential, or incidental damages resulting from equipment failure.
  • To qualify for a plan, equipment must be in good working condition and meet state and local code requirements.
  • Preferred Air will call once in the Spring and once in the Fall to schedule. It is the customer’s responsibility to return that phone call make the maintenance appointment.

All prices quoted cover residential gas heating, heat pumps, and air conditioning systems. Before any contracts are accepted, an inspection must be performed at the going rate and any repairs made at the customer’s expense. The cost of the inspection may be applied to the contract price. All prices subject to change.




These guys were awesome! I had Rob come out for my yearly maintenance on my furnace before the cold weather set in. He was professional and explained things well. He was on time too! They were about $100 less the other people I got quotes from and it included a new filter! So pleased.
Grace T, Boston MA
Brian just left and he is a Godsend! He made several calls to clear the work with my working husband and myself, all of which he did with great patience and professionalism. He was easy to talk with and showed me respect... I would refer this company to my best friend and family anytime!
Lynne M, Topsfield, MA
We have been using PREFERRED AIR for a number of years. I have nothing but praise for them. Our technician Louis is very professional, courteous and always takes the time to explain whats wrong in layman's terms. Thumbs up to a great company, who has top notch people working for them.
Margaret M, Beverly MA
Preferred Air has done countless jobs for me. Installations, maintenance, repairs, you name it. There is a reason you continue going back to a company time and time again, quality, service and knowledge, each and every time the folks at Preferred Air have exhibited all three.
Steven F, Swampscott MA
I found a puddle of water around my HVAC and was very worried. I called them at 7am hoping to only leave a voice message. Louis answered the phone and he was professional and compassionate. I really appreciate his help. Preferred Air will be my go-to company for any future issues!
Danielli T, Frederick, MD
This is a great company that installed a new system in our home. They did a great job and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a replacement system. They were quick, friendly and professional. The cost was reasonable and we were very happy with the end result.
Ronald C, Peabody MA
Luis was awesome!! He was extremely professional and it was obvious from the outset that he knew exactly what he was talking about. He checked everything thoroughly and advised me on the things that I could do on my own to fix any future issues. Highly recommend!! A++++++++
S.B, Beverly, MA
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